We are sorry to announce this but Kustom Choice Hosting will be closing on 5/1/2017.

Why you ask?

The data center we have been using for the past 10+ years has been gradually raising their prices while our business has been rapidly shrinking. We have never been able to regain the customers that we have lost over the years and the company has been in the red for several years now.

Bottom line, We cannot afford to exist in the red any longer & will be closing.

Seek out a new webhost.

We ask that you (our valued customers) take the next month or two to research a new host to migrate your websites too and take this time to move to  your new web hosts before we close down our services forever.

Yearly customers will receive a refund for their unused hosting time prorated to 5/1/2017 but you need to submit a ticket.

If your hosting expires before 5/1/2017 we will extend it free of charge to give you until 5/1/2017 to find a new host.

Some host suggestions are:

Thank you for being a valued customer here at Kustom Choice Hosting.